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Apps24 It is an all in one software that helps employment agencies and recruitment businesses to update availability, allocate shifts, raise invoices, and see everything in one place.

Supported by Mobile Apps which directly feed into the Apps24, employees can update their availability, see notifications, accept shifts, upload timesheets, update compliance and see all their work activity in one place.

Apps24 also provide a CRM facility that will handle all recruitment and business development activities whereby recruitment, business development and onboarding activities become so much easier.

Apps 24 also provide a Client interface whereby Clients can directly input their staffing requirements and decide to price, specify staffing preferences and once input, all such requirements are broadcast directly to agency staff registered on the system through Mobile App and who are within a given radius of the Client where the work is available or to those specific people whom the Client might prefer.

Agency Staff is then able to search the location and details of the Client, transport options and accept or reject shifts, receive confirmation, submit timesheets and receive payment info all in one place by pushing a few buttons.

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