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We have got full specialization in handling different types of IoT app development as per different industry requirements. We promise to deliver Smart Products and Smart Solutions to transform the current Enterprise Industry.

Sensors Integration

Sensor integration plays an essential role in the embedded systems for any consumer electronics, automotive industry, medical electronics, home automation, security & surveillance apps. Sensor integration has increased with time and usage of SmartPhones in the current IT sector. With the Internet of Things, you can do a variety of sensor integration for providing a better effect at clients’ end. We are very much aware of the trends of IoT and sensor integration and have developed many apps having such features.

  • Light Sensors like ALS
  • Fibre Optic Sensor
  • Images Sensors like Camera for CMOS & CCD
  • Medical like Blood Pressure & Pulse Oximetry
  • Industrial Sensors like Temperature, Pressure & Flow
  • Biometrics like Finger Print & IRIS
  • Motion Sensors like Gyro, E-Compass, Accelerometer, Proximity

Wi-Fi Technology

IoT apps have different connection needs like for their range, energy efficiency, data throughput and cost of the device. WiFi is the best choice for every industry because it provides a seamless internet flow. Data transfer becomes easy when added with the Internet of Things varying from industry to industry. We are following WiFi technology of 802.11 b/g/n standards and working on dual-band WiFi (2.4Ghx and 5 GHz). We are doing rest API calling with secure communication Like TLSv3.0 and SSL and various other protocols using WiFi.

  • Embedded RTOS in WiFi system for doing the concurrent activity
  • No activity gets stopped while REST API through WIFI calling
  • With this update, the admin can send the new update to the device using a cloud server
  • WiFi integration has an “over the air” update

Smart Gateway Design

IoT device needs a gateway for connecting wireless devices to the cloud. Our Smart gateway has Ethernet, WiFi and RF functionality. Using this gateway, our IoT developers can connect any device, which has WiFi, RF or Ethernet interface, cloud. This gateway also helps in fast designing and implementation for the developers. Smart gateway also helps to overcome server load for WiFi or Ethernet-based devices because the gateway will work as a mediator for those devices.

  • Node connectivity
  • Backend connectivity
  • Management server
  • Local intelligence
  • Power considerations
  • High security
  • Serviceability

IoT Analytics

IoT analytics apps can enable organizations to recognize the Internet of Things information available to them, reduce the cost of maintenance, keep away hardware failures and enhance business operations. Likewise, retailers, restaurants and manufacturers of shopper products can utilize information from SmartPhones, wearable advancements and in-home gadgets to focus on marketing & promotions – the business side of the IoT’s cutting-edge universe of an associated consumer device. Our developers are highly talented to meet user requirements and delivering their demandable service.

  • Energy consumption analytics for a particular home, room and up to appliance level
  • Analytics related to how much cost used with application and hardware
  • Accelerometer analytics also tells that how a device is placed or moved
  • Analytics for WiFi strength in a particular area

Intelligent Apps

EDS helps different organizations to design and construct intelligent IoT frameworks that can detect and react to client needs, and bridle a tremendous amount of IoT gadget information over a wide assortment of use cases. We use abilities in application development, AI and machine learning, progressed analytics and natural language handling to change steaming and very still information into designs, predictions, proposals and activities for particularly intelligent communication and results.

  • Add and configure embedded modules
  • Will work in a home network without internet
  • Set scheduler and moods for the IoT device
  • Know the current status of the device and also change it
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