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Microsoft .NET is a free, open-source framework, cross-platform and calculating today’s growing development space. For building web, mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT applications, we work with a go-to developer platform with a friendly interface and a variety of features. Our .NET developers are highly professional to work dedicatedly in challenging projects. We like to work with new tools and technologies to come out with diverse industrial projects.

“Infinite possibilities with a spark - .net core” - Thought-Provoking .NET Team

Microsoft’s .NET framework is a great platform for designing web applications. This platform was specifically created to develop solutions that could run on Windows. The best thing which proves .NET has interoperability- .NET apps support the older version of the OS. With such a supportive nature, .NET also permits portability which means applications can be developed on the iOS and LINUX operating systems. Apart from all these, we can count on the .NET framework’s inbuilt security system. Also, when you observe and analyze the memory management system of the .NET framework, you will find it runs on common language runtime.

EDS experts offer a set of services for .net application development and custom solutions on various platforms that help you get strategic IT and business goals. We cover all with key skills from identifying business requirements, documenting specifications, development, testing, integration, and support for applications across several platforms

We influence our skills with years of experience in .NET development to deliver a high-end solution.

Custom vertical Microsoft enterprise solution to achieve predefined goals. Design, development, and testing custom applications for scalable and flexible solutions.

Every business is unique and so we understand the challenges for required custom desktop applications.

.Net Core Development Services

.Net Core Web Application, MVC

  • API Development
  • Entity Framework & LinQ
  • .Net Core Application
  • Windows Form Application
  • Business Intelligence & Database Solutions
  • Maintenance and Support
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